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Busenitz x Dan Mancina (Olive Strata / Red / Footwear White)

Busenitz x Dan Mancina (Olive Strata / Red / Footwear White)

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Mens Shoe
Busenitz x Dan Mancina
Olive Strata / Red / Footwear White

Dan Mancina is one of the most influential figures in sport. As a blind professional skateboarder, he has proven that impossible is nothing. Dan has gone on to work with various organizations to introduce visual impaired and blind kids to skateboarding. By partnering with Dan on his favorite silhouette, we can celebrate his story and inspire the next generation of skateboarding.

As a blind skateboarder, the feel and function of the shoe and its materials are even more important to Dan. The olive material mix is noticeable to the touch, while the red and white reflective stripe execution is inspired by Dan’s cane.

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